Professor Gerry Byrne

Managing Director, GB Innovation Ltd.



Professor Gerry Byrne is one of Ireland’s most senior international engineers and has been actively involved in applied R&D and Innovation for over 30 years.  

He is the former College Principal for Engineering and Architecture and Dean of Engineering at University College Dublin. Prior to taking up his professorship in 1993, he led a division of Daimler Benz AG in Germany in the area of Manufacturing Processes and the Environment within the Corporate Research and Development Directorate. He holds an honorary doctorate in recognition of his outstanding international contribution as an innovator in engineering. 

He has worked for several years as an expert on the Irish Revenue Panel for R&D Tax Credits and also on the Research, Development and Innovation Board of Enterprise Ireland (RTI). He recently joined the high level commission responsible for overseeing the Excellence University Initiative in Germany which will distribute  €4.5billion in research funding the coming 5 year period (

Professor Byrne is a Senior Advisor to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the worldwide leading applied research organisation. He was awarded the Gold Ring of the German Society of Engineering (VDI) for his insights into the fundamentals of material removal processes. He is also the recipient of the prestigious Taylor Research Medal of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA, in recognition of his outstanding research contributions. In 2017 he was awarded the Fraunhofer Taler Medal for his outstanding international contribution to applied R&D and Innovation. 

He is the founder of GB Innovation Ltd. (2014) and is specialising in excellence in R&D and Innovation and associated incentive schemes. Gerry is actively engaging with and supporting numerous organisations in their R&D progression, and has developed the ReaDI-Watch Lite product to support this work.