Additive Works to launch its latest Amphyon software module at Rapid.Tech by Metal AM


Additive Works, Bremen, Germany, will showcase the latest module of its Amphyon process software at Rapid.Tech in Erfurt, Germany, June 5–7, 2018.

Amphyon is a simulation-driven software for powder bed-based, laser beam melting Additive Manufacturing processes, said to allow for the automatic optimisation of part orientation as well as build-up process simulation, and the adaption of process data in order to achieve a higher part quality and more stable process. The new module also includes an automated process for ‘first-time-right’ support generation for Laser Beam Melting.

If the support structures for a metal additively manufactured part are not sufficient in strength or are not heat resistant, the quality or the shape of the part may significantly deviate from the desired result. Furthermore, cracking of supports during the process can lead to total part failure, potentially increasing the cost per part by factor two and more due to the need to produce multiple iterations.

By enabling users to generate the correct support structure for a part prior to manufacture, the new Amphyon module has the potential to offer considerable time and cost savings to users of the technology. From its booth at Rapid.Tech, Additive Works will offer live demonstrations of its software.

“We are very much looking forward to presenting our new solution at Rapid.Tech in Erfurt,” stated Dr. rer. Nat. Nils Keller, Co-Founder & CEO of Additive Works. “Amphyon was designed to replace the experiment-driven development of build-up strategies in Laser Beam Melting with simulations and geometry analyses. With the new module we are expanding the capabilities of Amphyon, helping our customers to become even more efficient.”