3D printing of ceramic components using a customized 3D ceramic printer by Owen et. al

In this work, a customized 3D ceramic printer was successfully designed and constructed. Three ceramic materials, alumina, Bioglass 45S5 (Bioglass), and zirconia were 3D printed into a C-ring shape by extruding the ceramic slurries. Once the 3D-printed specimens were in green state, a sintering process was performed. The microhardness values of the 3D-printed ceramic specimens were measured using a Vickers hardness tester. The hardness of the specimens increased from 37±3 to 112±5 HV0.2 for alumina, 23±5 to 35±1 HV0.2 for Bioglass, and 22±5 to 31±3 HV0.2 for zirconia, before and after the sintering process, respectively. These results, synthesis of slurries, the formation of specimens, and the mechanical properties, demonstrate the feasibility of 3D printing ceramic materials using a customized 3D ceramic printer.

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