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Latest developments in R&D

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Think Tank: Biologicalisation

Our MD Gerry Byrne has been working with the Think Tank of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft on the topic of Biologicalisation in Manufacturing. It has been concluded that a biological transformation will represent a key development in new breaking frontiers of Industry 4.0.

Two relevant publications include:

MTTRF San Francisco July 2018

Our MD Gerry Byrne speaking on the Industrial Internet of Things to a world leading organisation on Industry 4.0 - Machine Tool Technologies Research Foundation in San Francisco . We are excited to be on this journey of improving and measuring R&D processes with our partners and clients in the new era of Industry 4.0!

Event: R&D Management Conference 2018

Our Research Readiness Level (RRL) was presented  for the first time to an academic audience at the R&D Management Conference in Milan by Fiona Sammler. The feedback was very positive! Developed over the last 3 years by Gerry Byrne, the RRL is an indicator for excellence readiness in applied R&D. If you are undertaking R&D and are unsure of whether it qualifies as R&D or require support putting structures and strategies in place, do get in touch! More detail can be found here


CIRP HPC Budapest

Our Managing Director, Prof. Gerry Byrne opened the CIRP - The International Academy for Production Engineering  High Performance Cutting (HPC) conference in Budapest with a keynote address on how cutting technologies have evolved and what the future of cutting in an Industry 4.0 setting holds.

Johnson & Johnson Collaborates With AMBER to Open New 3D Bio-Printing Lab

Johnson & Johnson collaborates with AMBER Research group in a new bio-printing venture. The two illustrious companies are looking to set-up this lab within Trinity College Dublin. They began preparations within the first quarter of this year and hope to open it by the end of 2018. Professor Michael Morris, AMBER director has called the lab “a global center of excellence for Bio 3D printing“.


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